Pre-Hire Consultation

This service is provided to enhance the recruitment process. Maine Career Connect representatives will meet with candidate and/or their family during a pre-hire visit. This service is available to support candidates to make informed decisions with regard to accepting job offers and moving to Maine.

Often families have specific situations that may be of concern where an ‘outside’ party’s feedback may benefit the situation. Maine Career Connect is an ‘outside’ organization designed to speak confidentially with new hire candidates and their families to discuss family issues and provide specific information about Maine communities and about the comprehensive, year-long services available to them once the job offer is accepted.  Because the conversation is private, the candidates feel they can explore topics freely and gain insight into solutions offered by Maine Career Connect.

Some of the discussions can cover things like, children’s resources, medical conditions, elder care challenges, private concerns where specific resources may be required.  The discussion can also serve as a brainstorming session to help weigh pros and cons.  Because of the confidential nature of the consult, we are able to often mitigate any misinformation as well as ensure we will be there to help with the settling in process if the offer is accepted.

Candidates will also receive information regarding basic needs including descriptions of communities, health care facilities, schools and rankings, as well as activities available in the community.  We can connect the candidate to other professionals or affinity groups for separate meetings as necessary.