Moving into a new area comes with challenges and obstacles. Whether our clients are facing dual career issues or trying to navigate a new community, Maine Career Connect provides personalized, tailored assistance to help individuals network and connect so that they more quickly find a job or integrate into a new neighborhood.  

What Maine Career Connect Clients are saying…

“I would totally recommend Maine Career Connect to anyone who is new to the greater Bangor area!   My husband and I recently moved from Santa Cruz, CA after he was hired as a faculty member in the New Media and Intermedia departments at University of Maine.  Although his job security was set, my ambitions to be hired as an elementary school teacher proved more difficult without having any connections to the area.  Maine Career Connect has been so helpful in connecting me to valuable resources to support my employment and social goals, not to mention recommending doctors, etc. when I asked.  Maine Career Connect is a valuable resource and anyone new to the area should check it out!” -Client, University of Maine

“We heard about Maine Career Connect from a colleague of my wife’s.  My experience with the program has been nothing but positive.  I have been very impressed with the attentiveness, support and follow through of the program so far.  Maine Career Connect has been a great asset in making the transition into a new community.” -Client, University of Maine

“Maine Career Connect has been such a valuable resource during my relocation to the state of Maine. MCC has provided me with peace-of-mind knowing that I have a knowledgable contact with strong ties to the community to help with the challenges of relocating a family to a new place. This service has provided me with really beneficial information including recommendations for physicians and suggestions for assimilation into the culture of Maine. This has helped me to feel like part of the community and has also saved me an incredible amount of time by gaining recommendations.” -Client, University of Maine

“I have had such a wonderful experience with Maine Career Connect during the past few months! Through MCC I have attended community events, met new people, and gained recommendations for health care and other services. This is such an excellent resource for individuals and families relocating to Maine. I think MCC has something valuable to contribute to everyone whether it’s information about area schools or finding a great dentist or just hearing an objective opinion about life in Maine. I recommend this service for anyone moving to Maine!”  -Client, University of Maine

“MCC made me feel much better about my decision to move to Maine. Rather than moving to a completely unknown place, MCC makes it feel like I’m moving to a place where I already have friends that I can turn to for advice.” ~ Josh, UM

“That is honestly the greatest email I have ever seen in my life. Thank you for all that information on dog-friendly places. I’m impressed with your attention and taking my dog’s needs seriously. Tavi and I are psyched about Maine and all the things it has to offer us!” ~ Karen, UM

“When we decided to pull stumps and leave Jamaica for the UNKNOWN my wish was that we’d meet people like you and I must say I’m truly delighted to have met you.  I want to thank you for the opportunity you gave me to meet new people.” ~ Damion, EMMC

“I absolutely don’t know what we would have done without Maine Career Connect.  You helped us every step of the way and made the whole process so easy for my family.  This is our first move where I am confident that I can focus on my new job and don’t have to worry about my family settling into the community.” ~ Mark, UM

“Husson University connected us with Maine Career Connect as we were moving to Bangor. Paula and Carin were extremely helpful in helping us negotiate some problems we experienced with our landlord. They have also been really helpful in letting us know about healthcare options, child-friendly activities for my family, and networking with some hobby groups. Altogether, this has really helped ease some stress from our out-of-state move to Bangor and I’d recommend them to other families coming to the area. “       ~ Emily, Husson

I see Maine Career Connect as integral to the success of transplant families into Maine’s community and economy. The staff at Maine Career Connect have been resourceful and encouraging. As a dual career couple, we work for the best interest of our family, and Carin has proven to be on our side and fighting for us to make it work as a family in Maine.  ~ Amanda, UM

“Maine Career Connect was extremely helpful in aiding my transition from Boston to Maine. I had to make a very fast transition from graduation to my job at UMaine and Carin and Paula provided tremendous help in renting a good apartment in Bangor in short notice. I am very satisfied with my new place and am getting very comfortable with the area. I strongly recommend Maine Career Connect to incoming employees.” ~ Godine UM

“Maine Career Connect assisted me by introducing me to individuals and helping me make connections in the area that I couldn’t have made otherwise. I would highly recommend the program, not only for other ‘trailing’ spouses but for any university that truly desires to be a great place to work.” ~ Jason, UM

“I think MCC has been an excellent benefit. The University (Husson) is very smart to provide this service. They should make a big deal about providing job search help for the trailing spouse. This was not a factor for me with this move but in the past, I turned down jobs several times because universities offered no help for a trailing spouse (and he was an academic!)”~ Susanna, Husson

“Maine Career Connect has been incredibly helpful in supporting my partner and I in our move to Maine. They have helped us find a great place to live as well as they are helping my partner build his network in order for him to find work and a community. Having people who live in the area and provide support, knowledge, experience and network connections has been invaluable in making the move easy and making us feel at home quickly in the Bangor area. Thank you Maine Career Connect, I look forward to continuing to work with them in our first year here.” ~ Carly, UM

“Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with my family. I so appreciate your time and consideration—my husband said it was such a wonderful experience and that you all were lovely!  Everyone here is so lovely. Brandon left with the impression that you all were miracle workers, so I trust in you 😉 “~ Niya, UM


From anonymous spouse UM survey

“MCC has been so helpful to us and our transition to Maine. I am so happy that this program exists. I think it is going to help us both professionally and socially in our transition to Maine. Thanks MCC!”

“I have had a very positive experience with MCC. Assimilation into the culture of Maine has not been as easy as I anticipated and this service has made me feel more comfortable about our decision to move here.”

“I have already used the businesses and services recommended by MCC including physicians, dentists, and other services. “