What is Maine Career Connect?

Maine Career Connect is a consortium of professional and executive hiring employers in the Central/Eastern Maine region who have committed to the recruitment and retention of professionals.  They help newly relocated professionals and their families assimilate into the region by assisting them with; focused dual career support, family assimilation, and cultural transitions.  In addition, they offer a Pre-Hire consult that assists with recruitment efforts by helping new hires and their families explore personal issues with regard to relocating in a confidential manner which supports the decision making process.

How can this resource be beneficial to the new hire and their family?

Moving into a new area, can be stressful and time consuming for professionals with attending to all the minute details involved with relocation.  Maine Career Connect is designed to eliminate a good portion of that stress by providing a coordinator who can address each family’s specific relocation needs.  From swimming lessons to special needs resources for children, to finding a veterinarian, realtor, bank, health food store, doctor, dentist and local gymnasium for adults; our coordinator is on-call to make this transition as smooth and efficient as possible.

How does the Dual Career Support work and what is an ‘informational networking’ interview’?

Maine Career Connect created a business model where commitment from a consortium of regional employers to provide high level informational interviews for spouse/partners from within the consortium.  An informational networking interview guarantees a meeting with a senior level managerial person in the specific field of the applicant. Although the interview does not guarantee a position, it offers valuable elements from advice regarding the local landscape of this particular field of study, projecting when there may be openings, possible referrals to colleagues in the field who may be able to further assist with job search, invaluable professional networking and the ‘all important’ face to face which becomes a powerful tool in the effort to making professional in-roads in a new area.

How will the informational interview resource work?

During the interview process and even before the actual onsite meeting, each organization will have a point person who will contact our Maine Career Connect coordinator to exchange the candidate’s contact information and schedule a ½ hour session to meet with them during their visit.  Our coordinator will, provide the candidate with a customized interview to ascertain specific needs of the family during the relocation process. During this interview, if the candidate has requested information on available postings for a partner, informational interviews will be set up with area employers.

How will the family interview be different from information provided on the website?

The interview is a confidential exchange offering the candidate and their family an opportunity to ask questions which they may find uncomfortable or inappropriate in a professional setting.  For example, if there is a child with special needs or a medical condition, they may want to make sure there are appropriate medical facilities available.  The website, however is equally as valuable.  It provides a resource listing of vetted qualified businesses and organizations.  The website also offers access to link with each partner’s job postings.

If the executive/professional hired has a partner/spouse who is NOT of an executive level, will this resource be effective landing a networking interview?

Yes.  Maine Career Connect will have recruiters in place to along with our own network through the local Chamber and Center for Economic Growth to put out a search and ascertain similar interviews.  Every effort will be made to find the appropriate professionals to connect the partner with.

Are there any specific accommodations made for international hires?

Yes.  Maine Career Connect has put together a Cultural Transition Program.  The program is designed to help foreign nationals assimilate into U.S. culture and educate them about customs and traditions in the United States.  Materials will be provided helping with everyday challenges (size conversions, driving, emergencies, etc.).  Language courses will be available as well; Accent Reduction, Slang-Idioms-Acronyms, ESL and Maintenance for children.

Will there be follow-up after the initial move to the region?

Yes. Our Maine Career Connect coordinator will check-in with the family monthly and will make themselves available for any questions during the first year after the initial hire.

How will the Maine Career Connect coordinator be most effective?

Providing a ‘go-to’ person puts a very time consuming process into the efficient hands of someone who has access to all the answers.   Maine Career Connect coordinators work hard to ease transitions into local communities and professional networks, making a family’s relocation a soft place to land.  The coordinators work with the families for one year.