5 Questions to Ask Yourself before Writing a Resume

January 26, 2015

Over the past several months, while working with those seeking employment, many questions have risen about acceptable resumes.  Listed here are 5 questions that everyone should ask themselves before writing their resume.  First and foremost, a resume should be written for each position you apply for, as it is important to base the information you […]

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The Benefits of Joining Maine Career Connect

December 8, 2014

Employers benefit greatly from joining the Maine Career Connect consortium.  Not only do Maine Career Connect members see an increase to their bottom line as a result of the program’s offerings but it has been reported that prospective and new employees feel a sense of loyalty from these employers setting them apart from the norm and […]

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The Bangor success story yet to be written

November 18, 2014

Amy Fried, Bangor Daily News, writes the following: There’s a story still to be written about our Queen City, Bangor. It’s a tale with many characters and plot twists and, despite many challenges, we can make it turn out well. Luckily, Bangor has excellent public leadership, with a strong city council and an outstanding school […]

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Networking is Essential, but Stressful

November 17, 2014

Even the most extroverted individuals can sometimes feel stressed by the thought of attending networking events. Most will agree that successful professionals regularly make time to attend such events. Many may also assume that said professionals are successful due to their regular attendance at these events. So what makes networking so essential? The Strategic Business […]

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The Importance of a Cultural Transition Program

November 13, 2014

Maine Career Connect is currently establishing a Cultural Transition Program that will support newly hired foreign nationals and their families by assisting with their transition to the US, and more specifically to Maine. The importance of a program that supports the transition of expatriates goes beyond the obvious of protecting families from cultural isolation in […]

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